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  Machine Shop Page 
  Red Wing Engine Build   updated 4/4/2021
  Monoprice Ultimate IIIP 3D Printer    9/11/2020
  Enco CNC Conversion        2/28/2020 
  Hobart N50 Rebuild 
  Photography Page - Show & Tell images 
  Photo Albums    
  FiFi the B29 Super Fortress Visits the Valley of the Sun 
  Vacuum Forming Follies
  Friends and Family
  Second Un-Official IATN BBQ 2012 
  Un-Official IATN Southwest BBQ 2011   
  Chinese K40 Laser   6/6/2019
  Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder       12/26/2018
  BAP3D  (Big Ass 3D Printer)
  Rohn Tilt Over Radio Tower     
  Kitty Photo Album
  Cats We Know
  Cooking & Baking
  Amateur Radio 
  HexBeam Antenna Construction  
  Astro Ham page   Lists sites, repeaters and other Hams with telescopes 
  In Memoriam   Updated 8/25/2014
  Products for Sale, Custom Telescope Parts
Arid-Zona Clear Sky Clocks (map with selected hyperlinks)
  Selected AZ Clear Sky Clocks
  Clear Sky Clock Home Page
  Star Party Page
  Arizona Clubs and Observing Sites (now includes nearby Amateur Radio repeaters)
  US Naval Observatory Time Service
National Fire & Weather page.  Very good information!
Topo Maps on the Web!
  Awesome Weather Maps and Info
  NOAA forecasts in Graphic & text formats (very cool!)
  Weather Maps and Resources
  Telescope Pages - concerning the Meade LX50 , Meade ETX125 , Celestron C11, Accessories and Atlas EQ-G mount  
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