It's The Limit!

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The RAMPS 1.4 controller and Marlin support limit switches at each end of the axis travel, a definite plus in my book.

The brackets were fairly easy to make out of 16g MS sheet.  3mm stainless button head Allen's were used to fasten the assemblies together as well as to secure to the 2020 extruded framework.



The spacers protect the switch from being damaged.  The long screw is driven into the captured nut of the 2020 extruded framing.  The metal backing plate acts like a big washer allowing the screw to be tightened well to the extruded framework.



Brackets used for the X and Z axis (left) with the Y axis on the right.



Mounted Y axis limit switch.  two screws fasten the assembly to the frame.  These are the two to the right side of the assembly.


Upper Z axis limit switch, the Y and X axis switches are seen below.  X axis switch on the right.  The Y axis switch is hidden behind the Y axis stepper motor.  X axis stepper is seen at the top of the picture.


Detail of one of the Y axis switches, the other is a mirror of this one.  X axis switch has not been installed.


Detail of one X axis switch.  Wheeled carrier (out of view to the right) hits the micro switch lever at the left end of the switch assembly.


Lower Z axis limit switch.


Upper Z axis switch installation.


Better view of the upper Z axis limit switch, you can see how the carrier that rides on the frame contacts the switch.  Other axis' are triggered in the same manner.