Ribbon Cable Breakout



In order to install the Smoothie controller, I needed to change out all the cabling to the print head module or create an adapter to deal with the ribbon cable being used.  I elected to go with the latter...

I purchased from Amazon a 2x8 IDE breakout adapter:



Then I pinned out the ribbon cable.  The information that follows is for the Monoprice Ultimate IIIP (Wanhao D6) only.  It does NOT deal with the newer Wanhao D6S printer.  You HAVE been warned...

Breakout with pigtails installed

Here is the layout of the breakout at the printer head assy.  Note, this is v1.2 as marked on the circuit board.  I have a commercial Dymo Rhino labeller which will print on heat shrink tubing, a nice added touch that will help while doing the conversion and when doing any trouble shooting in the future.

Print Head Breakout pins 

Hot End Breakout 

I also upgraded the breakout board at the print head as well.  I changed out the IDE socket with one with locking tabs.