DEC Gear Shield

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DEC gear plate after installation.  The original plate and spacers were made from aluminum, this required a 1 lb (That's 0.45 Kg for the rest of the world) weight attached to the other fork arm!  I have since remade the plate using 1/4" black acrylic and nylon spacers instead of aluminum and the balancing is much easier to deal with.

Krylon's Satin Black paint is a nice match for the finish on the mounting.

Side view of the installed plate and spacers.  The final version of the plate used nylon spacers purchased from Lowe's Building Supply.  Home Depot or Payless Cashways should be a good source for these, they generally are found in the specialty hardware area.

As designed the plate will clear the Jordan Blessing DEC Fix kit, which is installed on this telescope.

Parts ready for assembly, this is the aluminum version.

Detail of cutout for DEC clutch clearance