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This must be what they mean by a truss tube telescope!!  The scope is being used as a form to determine the dimensions and shapes of the interior ribs of the case.  This method could be used to make a similar case for just about any scope.  Note the bread knife being used to neatly cut the foam. 

I have tracings of all these parts available, however they are only good for the 10" LX50 Meade scope.  There will be a mailing charge only for these. Contact me for details

There is a description on building the trunk posted on the Download page which gives the information you need to fabricate a case for most scopes, it includes construction detail images not found on this page.

Detail view of the lid.  A small battery operated florescent lamp was added to the lid to provide illumination while loading and unloading in the dark.  Nylon straps were used for lid checks to prevent marring the telescope finish.  My gigantic planisphere is mounted between two ribs for safe transport.  
Detail view of the base part of the case.  Foam is being installed at this time.  RA Drive housing lock plate has yet to be installed.  Positive sash latches were used to make the case rigid when closed.  Two dowel pins were installed in the front corners to help stiffen the entire assembly.  Case is constructed out of 1/2" plywood to save weight.
RA Drive housing retainer detail.  the hinged panel with a foam insert latches against the drive base to help prevent lengthwise movement of the telescope in the case.  It allows the RA to remain unlocked during storage and transport.  Tearing of the foam during loading is prevented using this method.
RA Housing retainer in locked position.  Only about 1/2" of crush is maintained with this method, keeping the loads on the RA and DEC bearings to a minimum.
Here's a shot of the LX50 in the trunk on the way to an outing.  The strap around the OTA allows me to life the scope with the DEC axis unlocked (preserving the DEC clutch) without having to wrestle the tiger during lifting.  At this point the upper foam strips have not been glued in yet.  The areas around the scope are packed with the needed coats hats and gloves, reducing the bulk in the back of the car!!  Kind of like an air bag for the scope.

The only thing I would change after a year of use is to reverse the position of the OTA in the trunk.  The manner in which I lift it out and boost it up to carry it to the tripod would require less repositioning if the assembly was set the other way.

A document and additional construction images has been added to the download page It is a self extracting archive containing a description of the trunks construction and additional images not posted here.