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Overall view of the completed steel pier and wedge.

The assembly is attached to the driveway using 4 internally threaded 3/8" NC steel expanding anchors.  The locating washers are designed so the entire assembly can be removed and reinstalled with little or no wedge adjustment.

Side shot of the wedge showing the altitude slot detail.
Front quarter view of the wedge.
Rear view of the wedge. 

The LX50 has studs sticking from the bottom of the mount and the nuts are conveniently located on a magnet to allow for easy one person mounting of the telescope.

Here is a shot of my other pier out on the Whispering Ranch near the Vulture gold Mine south of Wickenburg AZ.  I used the same construction as the driveway pier except I did away with the base plate and extended the pipe to 5 feet in length.  It is planted in 5 sacks of concrete and is firmly tied to the Kalichi layer (it's an Arizona thing)
Instructions and drawings of the pier and wedge are available for download in a ZIP file format that includes all of the above pictures.

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