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In memory of cats past....


P'Tat                     Unknown

FatKat            January 21 2007

Mr. Muggins        October 3 2014

Zoey                  May 27 2016

Guappo*                August 27 2016

Mini Mew                Spring 2019

Mittens                Summer 2020

Angie            December 4th 2022


Angie in Pot   Mittens 

Angie in the strawberry pot and Mittens sunning on the Volvo


Terminator   ANgie in Pot II  The crowd

Terminator, who was terribly shy, Angie again in the pot, and whole crew...

* One of the yard cats.  Guappo was a very boney bedraggled little black cat that arrived on our doorstep about a year ago.  We fed and cared for him as best we could.  He was about 60% feral and was unapproachable.  I'm sorry that I have no pictures of him.  He started walking with distress about the beginning of July and spent most of his time just laying around.  He lost weight and we finally decided to try to catch him and have him put out of his misery.  Fortunately for all concerned, he was relatively easy to catch and the folks at the Gentle Care Animal Hospital in Tempe put him to rest in a very humane manner.