EQ6 Axis Components

There are a number of sources for the disassembly of the mount other than my pages.  The Yahoo EQ6 Group is an excellent source of information on operation, repair and modification.

The DEC axis is shown here, RA is quite similar

The mating surfaces of the two castings (DEC Housing & Housing cover) have some hand brushed paint on them.  I am going to clean this off to help improve the fit and alignment of the assembly.  Note the black goo they use for grease on the worm shaft.  The best description I can come up with is a 50/50 mixture of India Ink and Blackstrap Molasses, it will get on everything and is hard to remove!

Some of the paint is measurably thick at 0.002" or greater!

Image to help ID the two steppers.  They really can't be mixed up.....

I added a pot to help dim the polar scope illuminator some.  You need to use a micro pot in order to have it fit between the panel and the circuit board.

Lower DEC bearing is a taper roller type bearing.  Note a near total lack of lubrication, just enough to keep it from squeaking!

I pried out one of the dust shields and found once again nearly no lubricant.

Lower bearing race.  Note how some of the over paint was scraped off and was found under the bearing race when it was removed.

Aluminum from the casting was also dragged under the race.

All the pieces of the upper DEC shaft housing and shaft.

Detail shot of the DEC worm components.

More paint to remove!

A very thin screwdriver with a 1/8" wide blade is inserted nearly vertically between the inner race and the seal.

It is then tipped down to carefully pry up the seal.  As this is a low speed bearing the sealing qualities are not adversely affected by this removal process.

Note near total lack of grease in the bearings.  Just enough to keep them from rusting or squeaking?

The worm wheel and bearing parts, just re-grease and re-use. 

I will lube the axis bearings with the Finish Line Synthetic grease.  This grease is more than adequate for temperatures down into the 20's and 30's F.  A lighter grease will be recommended for cold weather use.  I have tested frozen the mount to -6F and found it runs fine.

Check here for details.......

Bearing Location

Part Number (SKF)

Upper Axis and Worm Wheel Caged Ball Bearings - sealed (3 each axis, 6 total, only two need replacing!!) 6008-2RSJEM
Lower DEC Taper Bearing 30206-J2Q *
Lower RA Taper Bearing 32208-J2Q *
Worm Shaft Caged Ball Bearings - sealed (2 each axis, 4 total) 608-2Z  (OR 608-2RS) **

Note numbers corrected (9/29/2007)

**  the RS bearings have the rubber covered metal seal plates, the Z bearings have a metal shield.