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I had been looking at the Clear Speech DSP speaker and have been reluctant to take the plug to the tune of $200 plus.  I discovered this little jewel while searching the internet: BHI NEDSP1062-KBD   They also make a low level model to use with a microphone circuit.

The neat thing is it can be installed in your speaker housing, something that appealed to me in addition to the $130 price tag (Giga Parts)


Here are two shots of the initial installation of the hardware after the previous amplifier was removed.  I had to mill off the decorative rib on the front of the case so the label (not installed) sat flush.  The left button is power on, the right button has several purposes.  Once you play with it for an hour or so the controls are second nature.  A short press of the mode button will turn on the DSP, the LED (far right) is red when the amplifier is turned on but DSP is switched off.  A longer press steps you through the 4 or 8 levels of DSP, depending on the way it is set up.  Here is a link to the manual.


The left image shows the pezio buzzer glued into place.  A small hole is drilled first.  Right side we see the audio and power input  jacks in place.


The back side shot shows the keypad installed, the right shows all compenents installed except the main panel which remains loose for adjustment.


Just before closing up the case, everything is in place.