HF Portable Operations

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I am building a mast support to be used with those ubiquitous camouflage poles you see at the swap meets. Here are the construction details as the project progresses.

Mast is clamped into the channel iron with a couple of scraps of the fiberglass tubing. This allows getting the spacing correct.


Bracing on the "tire" side of the assembly

Hinge joint ready to tack weld.  Pivot bolt is 3/8"


Hinge welded up on the  mast support, additional braces for the base portion have been added.  Mast in "use" position.



Mast in tilted down for fitting of the antenna position.


Upper securing bracket for mast, using a bailed hitch pin to secure.


Mast shown in Upright and Tilted positions.

Radio Wavz® fan Dipole set up at Griffin Ranch, north of Globe AZ.  Also Shown is the detail of the feed point and mast.  I made an adapter that sits on top of the mast that will allow me to run the dipole up after the mast is erected.  There is a ring that allows me to also attach guy ropes if needed.  The top of the adapter has a fitting to affix my Elk® dual band VHF/UHF beam.