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It's official, I now have my General Class radio license.  I plan to take the Extra sometime this spring.  They offered to let me take the Extra at the VE session the night I took my General, but who are they kidding?  December 2008

My XYL, Earla, has earned her Technician License!  N7ASU  February 2009

Well now I have my Extra!  It has been a bit since I declared I would attempt it.  Many things got in the way, work and home related including replacing the entire front of the house due to a termite intrusion.  (we needed new windows anyways and I hated the stucco)  I also became a Volunteer Examiner.  May 2010


  Heathkit SB-301



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(Yaesu FT-857) Yaesu Radio Gear

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