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August 4, 2011

I purchased a TS-440 from a SK sale in Iowa, the price was right and I am now trying to restore it to working order.  It appears to have the "row of dots" problem to begin with.

TS-440 Page


December 3, 2008

I picked up a, nice, used Kenwood TS-940S(with Antenna Tuner) HF rig to ply the lower frequency airwaves.  The rig developed an issue shortly after arriving home and I am in the process of getting it back on the air.   It suffered from the normal to this model issues with pin header connections.  Treating the contacts with Stabilant 22a cured most of the problems.  I am re-capping the power supply as a precaution because it's nearly 25 years old.


Cruising the local Hamfest (12/06) provided the SWR/Power meter and Mic, the speaker came from a gentleman in Oklahoma.


Here's the station on 11/25/2009, I found a broken SM-220 that UPS had done the number on and managed to repair the broken faceplate that supports the front of the CRT.  I traded a Yaesu YO-301 that I picked up at a hamfest even across for the SM-220.  The SM-220 had the Pan Adapter installed, a plus

The Y0-301 on arrival.



In October 2009 I acquired another TS940. The second TS940 is actually in better cosmetic condition than my first one.


At the same time I also acquired a Yaesu FL-2100B Linear Amplifier.  The linear is so clean it looks unused. Thus far it has remained so...


TS940 Battery Replacement

TS940 AVR Board

PIEXX Serial Interface

Manuals and Schematics  (** includes schematics)

TS 940 Service Manual  Hi Rez Clean PDF! **

TS 940 Manual

TS 940 Interior Images Collection

TS 940 Service Bulletins

MC 80 Instruction Manual

MC 80 Schematic

MC 50 Manual**

SM 220 Manual**