LX50 Driver Chip Repair

Many owners of the LX50 have experienced the motor controller chip failure.  After repairing a number of these I have put together the parts to fix it.


It is being offered three ways:

Coming soon!  All SMD version requires no wires, piggy backs on the panel board.

The board populated with chips, I suggest not adding the driver IC (tall one) until wires have been added.



To remove the old IC from the panel board you will need to use a very fine point set of cutters to sever the pins right at the chip body.  Those pointed toenail cutter pliers work great if you don't have the electronic variety, just don't let your significant other catch you.  With the body of the chip out of the way, you have something to grab with pointy pliers and you can pull out the terminal after melting the solder.


Here is the IC body cut away and the pins remaining in the board.  You can grab the pins from this side of the board and heat the joint from the other and then pull the pin out.

Here we show removing the solder from the holes in the board after the pins have been removed.  The fin copper braid is treated in such a way as to attract solder as if it were a vacuum cleaner!  The braid is placed on top of the hole and the hot soldering iron tip (fine point) is pressed into the braid.  Sometimes you have to do this from both sides to remove all the solder from the hole.  Take your time and work very carefully so you do not burn the board or damage any traces.  One slip of the iron and you can gouge and sever the traces, ruining your day.


This picture is post solder removal and prior to resin clean up.


The dip header is then soldered into place where the IC was located.  The little auxiliary board is hot glued to the surface of the main board.  Make sure enough space exists between the two boards to prevent shorting.  Use high melting point hot glue! You can also use double sided foam mounting tape.

The panel is now ready to install back into the scope.

** Replacement of the driver chip does not guarantee the board is repaired, though this is usually fixes the "boots up but no motors complaint".



Copyright 1997-2010 by Bill VanOrden