Mast and Rotator

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Here is how I handled anchoring the guy wires.  An angle plate was bolted to the face of the truss and then the eyebolt fastens through the roofing to the plate.  Then sealed with latex A/C duct sealant.
















The smaller piece of square tubing gets welded into the base of the mast.  The larger square tubing is the guide that inserts into the mast support to help guide the assembly into place.  When the whole thing is together, the pieces dangle inside the base mast.


Detail shot of the joint.  In practice this worked well, however the length of the mast was the real issue.  Next time, folding mast and tripod assembly.


The installed  mast and rotator with the Hex Beam on top.


The re-labeled IR remote control.  I used a Casio label printer to make new labels for the buttons.