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The Machine as it stood with the MK (MicroKinetics) controller prior to embarking on the conversion.  The big box on the cart below the machine is the Drive Rack Power supply.  The box sitting on top is the MN400E Motion Controller.  The PC to run it all is on a shelf in the upper left corner of the picture.  The monitor is on a wall mounted arm and out of the field of view to the right is the tooling cart that has a wireless keyboard and the X Keys controller.  On the wall behind the machine is the Teco VFD for the motor, which is controlled by the MK system software (MillMaster) .

The Drive Rack power supply is an 80VDC system capable of outputting 10amps max.  This variant of the MK Drive Rack contains just the power supply and driver modules for the steppers. This bad boy weighs about 50 pounds and is substantially built.  The connections to the steppers are via four 4 pin Amp circular connectors on the back of the cabinet. 

There is an option to have the MN400E inside the Drive Rack enclosure.  Generally systems with the external MN400E have been upgraded from other controller types. The MN400E motion controller connects to the PC via your choice of USB or Serial cable.  I elected to go with the USB type.  The MN400E can be located any reasonable distance from the PC.  The front panel controls, feed override etc. never worked on this unit, so the conversion to the Acorn was another justification to make the change.