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Inside shot of the MicroKinetics Drive Rack as it was purchased.  The large 80VDC power supplies are capable of 10 amps output each.  Each power supply drives two steppers.

The 5 Volt reference supply is mounted on the side wall at the lower right of the cabinet.  Two solid state relays on teh side wall at the top of the cabinet are for the Mist and Flood power outlets.  Only the flood relay worked.  The SSR at the very right of the cabinet is the main relay for the system.  MicroKinetics uses a  momentary key switch to latch the relay and the big red Stop mushroom to unlatch.

The Micro Kinetics DR8010 stepper controllers are only Half Stepping units, ultimately these were changed out to Micro Stepping controllers sourced locally in Tempe.

The locations are:
Right top        A Axis
Left top          Y Axis
Left Center     Z Axis
Left Lower      X Axis

From a standpoint of common sense the left to right arrangement of the motor connectors as viewed from the back of the cabinet should have been X/Y/Z/A.  This has been corrected in the final configuration of the Drive Rack.