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MicroKinetics Hardware

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I elected to use as much as possible of the MicroKinetics hardware as possible.  In the end I wound up changing the Stepper Drivers and 5V power supply.  The 5V power supply was changed because it died while we were testing the new controller, prior to the stepper drivers being changed out.  Turns out one wire on the 5V circuit was trapped under one of the driver heat sinks and with all the jostling we did it must have finally shorted.  The stepper drivers were changed out to get micro stepping as the resolution of the existing drives was not good enough.


               Z axis stepper motor Z Axis Stepper Motor    click for specs

               X & Y Axis stepper motor X and Y Axis Stepper Motor    click for specs

               Driver Comparison Comparison of the CSI Micro Stepping  and the MicroKinetics Half Stepping drivers