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November 2015 I finally got sucked into the CNC hobby...

I had pretty much avoided this aspect of the machining hobby due to a lack of projects suitable for it combined with the startup costs.   Add in at the time I really did not have a specific use.   A fair deal on a used mid sized machine pushed me over the edge.

The machine is(was?...) a  MicroKinetics mill/drill conversion of a Rong Fu (Jet etc.) round column machine.  The learning process commenced.  In the early stages I learned a number of things:

I became reasonably proficient at the setup and use of the machine, largely due to input from Brian Lamb who coached me through the G-Code creation process, never laughing once (at least not in ear shot)

Thank You Brian!!

My first real project was admittedly one that should have been tackled after using the machine for a year.  I had need of this project and pursued making these parts.  Mazda Pro Series Brake Pedals   

From there things got easier, I learned a lot about feeds and speeds and tool breakage was almost non existent.  I will admit to not pushing the machine too hard along the way.