Home Brew Deburring Machine

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I decided that I was in the need for a method to de burr the edges of the various parts  make in the shop.  I started looking around and decided that this is something I could build, I got a machine shop y'know....


Parts list:

$15   Cheap Die Grinder, shipped from Amazon.
$8    1/4" full aperture ball valve (Home Depot)
$8    Misc brass plumbing
$??   8" piece of 8X8 3/4" aluminum angle (scrap pile)
$10   4X12 1/4" cold rolled steel
$??   Structural channel (scrap pile)
$??   4X4 3/8" aluminum angle
$9    Machine knobs
$2    Rubber feet
$??   Misc hardware

De Burring Machine in Action
(8.8mb avi)

Rolling Fence Addition

To aid in cutting the ends of long skinny pieces I devised this fence.  I t allows me to control small parts more effectively.

Rolling Fence - Bottom Side   Rolling Fence - Bottom Side

Small bearings are bolted to the back side of the aluminum bar and ride on the top edge of the steel platen.  A piece of UHMV is stuck to the back to aid in smooth movement.

In use the machine has exceeded my expectations and has performed as planned.  It is small enough that it can be left on the bench or easily stored without a lot of messing around.  I plan to make drawings available for those that want to make one.