Main Housing Rear Cap

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Outer Face

Outer face after removal from the lathe.  The rough cast part will be powder coated in Columbia Glossy Teal


Turnin' Iron

I had to hog off about a half inch of metal.  Next to last rough cut shown here.


Finishing Cut

Final cut to remove the last of the waste material.  Followed up with a fine cut.


Inner Face

I turned a reference line at 2.265" diameter for the bolt circle.  I really did not want to mount and center up on the mill so I could use the DRO and took the lazy way out.  A tiny point was left on the back side and the center hole for the Incra protractor hung on it just fine so I could lay out the holes for drilling.  I will use the cap and a transfer punch to mark the bolt holes on the housing.


Before Powder Coating  

Before and after powder coating

After Powder Coating