Making Type A Die Files



Die Files

Several completed type A files.  Always remember to make the files so they cut on the down stroke, otherwise you will have a hell of a time keeping the part on the table.

I did mine a little different than the instructions that came with the castings.  The instructions wanted you to do what I have done here, except use a 5/16" piece of stock.  Then they wanted you to turn the shank down.  As most of the files I am making now are quite small I elected to start with a 1/4" bushing and assemble from there.

File In Spin Dex

Setup for grinding the shank on the file.  In this case the lobes of the triangular file were positioned in the slits of the 5C collet.  My surface grinder really doesn't get too much of a workout, but today it earned its keep.

Grinding File Shank

Sparks are flyin'..

Ground Shank

Shank after two passes to get the 1" width.  As this will be buried in epoxy I was not worried about getting it exact or even smooth.

File ready to rim

File gets cut off and epoxied into a sleeve made from the shank of a 1/4" grade 3 bolt, drilled to a close fit to the ground shank.