MLA-18 Die Filer

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Metal Lathe Accessories MLA-18 Die FilerMetal Lathe Accessories makes a nice casting kit to build this Die Filer.  The  casting kit  MLA-18 is very nice and the machine will make an excellent addition to the shop.  I made his Steady Rest (MLA-9) a few years ago and found the casting quality to be fantastic and the end results easy to accomplish.  So far it seems like his kits are aimed at a home shop machinist that has a basic level of machines and experience. 

I highly recommend Andy's kits.

I have been wanting one of these ever since I saw Neil Butterfield's at a Valley Metal meeting a few years ago. 

A kit dropped into my lap for a decent price and it is now off to the races!



Here is what I hope to have in a month or two (time permitting)...


The casting kit as it arrived last week (9/5/2105)...


It Lives!  click here for video

Finished Machine

Main Body    9/12/2015

Table Assembly    Updated 11/27/2020

Shaft Assembly & Bearings   9/21/2015

Rear Body Cap  Added 9/20/2015

Scotch Yoke Mechanism  Added 9/28/15

File Shaft   9/27/2015

Finishing and Final Assembly  10/7/2015

Die Files   10/10/2015


Moving holes... 9/26/2015