Machinery Trolley

December 2015

My rotary table, a 12" Bridgeport is ungodly heavy and I finally got tired of sliding it on and off the mill to a movable table.  I decided to make an overhead track.

The trolley itself, the wheels are robbed from some cheap casters.  The weight and amount of use will be low enough that the plastic nature is not an issue.


Trolley in place.  I am using a piece of 2 1/2" I Beam, 51" long.


Truss Support

I made three supports out of 1 1/2" box iron to span three of the roof trusses to help spread the load, most likely overkill.  The center of the support has a hole to fasten the support to the truss with a drywall screw to prevent having to chase the bolt hole for the ready rod around the attic.  The angles at the end catch the two outboard trusses.


Details of the mounting.  A 1/2" hole is drilled through the beam and the web is machined away to allow access to the bolt.  The pieces of ready rod are actually 4" longer than needed and I just thread the excess up into the attic.


I had to notch the beam to clear a water line that I really did not want to relocate.


1/4 Ton chain fall (ain't it cute!) hanging on the installed track and trolley.

Test run.  To lift the Super Spacer I just looped a chain through the center bore and fastened it with a marine clevis.

Test lift...

I can now easily stack the equipment and have more room.