Drill Head Parts

As I am scaling up a number of the parts of the machine, this piece needs to be made second, the quill housing was first.

Drill Head Body

I elected to run most of this part on the CNC machine.  If I screw up later on, it is easier to make another, roflmao.

Deviations from the original press include a wider body, 1.5" as opposed to 1.0" and the length has been bumped up to 1.5" as well.  Thickness is 1.0", close to the original part.  In this view I have bored and reamed the quill housing and the return spring guides.  I have also cut the pocket in the rear and drilled the mounting bolt holes.  I am using #6 bolts instead of the specified #5 and the return spring guides are 3/16" instead of 1/8".

Drill Head partially completed

As much as I want to try out my recently acquired knurling tool, I just use a piece of MXL timing gear stock to make the knobs. 

Grinding flats on the shaft

3/16" drill rod for the shaft and the flats being ground.  That is a 1" tool maker's vice, something i thought I would not use very often but have been using a lot more than I ever expected.

Finished Drill Head housing

Here is the nearly completed Drill Head.  The only remaining machining to do is the 4 holes four the windlass lines,  Seeing as I have changed the scaling of the part, I will need to assemble the Top, Bottom and Main components in order to determine where the holes need to be.  I need to glass bead the exposed part of the shaft to give it a better grip on the Spider Wire fishing line that is used for the windlass cord.

Brass Bushing

I elected to bush the head where the quill rides up and down.  This allowed me to have a better wear surface and to also get a good fit.  Bushing is held in place using green Loctite.  This shot prior to trimming the bushing to length.