Motor, Riser and Drive


I started in on the motor and quill top as this needs to be finalized before the column arm and column can be determined.

Machining Motor Spacer

I drew up the part in Turbo CAD and using Sheet Cam created the G-Code.  The part is 0.600" thick aluminum.


Ready to knock out

Sheet CAM allowed me to leave three tabs about 0.020" thick spaced around the part, but there was some vibration and the sides wound up with some herringbone and a few other marks.  I may elect to make another part and take wimpier cuts to preserve the finish.  At this point I knock the part out with a plastic hammer.

Spacer mounted on motor

Spacer in place.  Extra length on the bolts is to accommodate the upper quill plate.

Mounted motor and drive

Test fit of the motor, riser and drive belt with sprockets.

I made the two timing belt sprockets from some bulk 25 tooth stock left over from the Meade stepper conversion projects.  I just happened to have the correct length belt as well.  Drive ratio at this point is 1:1.