Miller DialArc TIG Welder

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The newest addition to the "shop" is a Miller Dial Arc HF TIG welder.  I picked this up at the annual BBQ & Swap Meet of our local metal shop club, Valley Metal Club

Unfortunately it will sit until I get the service panel on my house replaced.  The panel on the house is in dire need of replacement with a larger one before I plug this beast in!

The welder came on the dolly seen in the top picture.  I added the bottle rack and shelf to hold my Hobart Handler MIG welder.  I now have all the welding stuff confined to one moveable unit.  I had to do a little rewiring on the house to support the new welder, but hey, I needed to replace that service panel on the house.....

Three pieces of 3" thin wall drain pipe are laid on top of the welder to hold bundled filler rods and boxes of stick rod sits nearby.  There is a place for everything for once and hopefully the TIG will get used a lot.  I fired it up today (3/20/05) and proved that I have forgotten a fair bit about TIG welding, but then a few of those welds proved I haven't!