Miscellaneous Shop Helpers
(Odds and Ends )

"High chair" for a Micrometer

Modified Mic Stand

Modified micrometer stand.  I took the generic mic stand and added extensions (about 4") to get it up at an easily viewed level while standing at the bench.

Cross slide readout for the lathe

Crossfeed Digital readout

IGaging digital readout.  12" scale was cut down to fit.  the scale bar is floating on the operator side of the electronics box.  The box is hard mounted to carriage using the brass bracket and the aluminum bracket and bolt secures the scale bar to the cross feed.  A 4" extension gets the display up to a good viewing point.  The original USB cord for the unit has been upgraded (including hard wiring at the scale end) to improve the noise rejection.  There is an excellent article here about the issue.  As my readouts are powered with watch batteries, the information about the power supply in the article does not apply.  The modification changed little on the jumping display.  At this point I am going to source another unit.  IGaging tech support was terrible, as in you can't get in touch with them!


Drill driver stub for the Z axis on the Enco Kneel mill.

Knee drive on Enco Mill

Why the h*** did they use seven segments?

Fixturing for the part

I put the small rotary table from the CNC machine on the big mill and then clamped a tool maker's vice on its side to hold the part as the diameter was larger than my 5C collet holder.  51.4º per segment, guessing the 10th's as the vernier is covered by the housing for the stepper motor.  Laziness prevented me from plugging the rotary table into the CNC machine and starting the software...

The central bore was drilled 19/32" and 1.5" deep, 0.200" deep slots are cut with a 0.250" end mill.  I jogged the  X axis 0.020" each way to get the slots to fit correctly.

Stub adapter for Knee Mill

Flats cut at 120º intervals to grip better in the drill.

Drive end view of stub adapter
The 1/2" cordless Dewalt drill on low range runs the knee up and down just fine.


Oil can holder

One of our members in the Valley Metal Group suggested using children's no spill paint cups for the various brush on lubricants we have in the shop.  If you don't fill past the line, when tipped on their side, they don't in fact leak.

I made a holder to keep them handy when in use on the lathe