Carriage Assembly


Fortunately for me this was mostly completed and only some minor work and massaging was needed to get it all in place. 


A modest amount of time was spent shimming handles with thin brass shims to get the levers clocked so they did not interfere with each other.  I got a package of 0.003" and 0.014" shim washers and the combination of these allowed me to set the position of the handles.

The adjustable rail that the carriage rides on would not move back under spring tension unless the bolt holding the RH frame casting was left loose.  I experimented with various sized feeler gauge leaves until I found the best size (0.007") that would allow me to tighten all three mounting bolts and have the adjustment return under spring tension.  I also wound up honing the bores that the rail runs in with a brake cylinder home to get everything nice and smooth.

Only thing really left to do is to makes sure it all works correctly and then take it apart and smooth the various castings and paint them.  I visited Janet at Space Age paints in Mesa, AZ to have a sample of my teal powder coat matched in Acme Acrylic Enamel.  Not only did she get a spot on color match, she also matched the gloss of the powder coat as well.  The cost of the paint match (hand, NOT computer) cost $65 and was worth every penny as now I can buy bulk spray gun paint that is very durable for the parts that will not powder coat easily, yet match perfectly.