Select Band Saw


I acquired a clean Select F-100 band saw from a friend and here is the refurbishment I put it through.

Select Saw Nameplate    Select Saw Dataplate

The machine arrived with a nice finish and very clean.  The data plate is in good condition and shows all the needed information to run the saw.  No manual was included and I have never been able to find one online.  This should provide enough information to properly operate the saw.



Select Saw Stand

The saw was mounted on a work stand with locking casters.  Good thing I had a hydraulic lift table as this saw is heavy!  I estimate it weighs around 150 pounds.




The original motor had been replaced by a nice Dayton model, but the footprint of the motor differed from the bracket and did not allow much adjustment.  I took a piece of aluminum plate from the scrap pile and made an adapter plate.  Between the slots in the motor and the slots in the original mounting there is more adjustment than could ever be needed.  A new 3L-210 belt was installed.


Select Band Saw Tires

The tires were replaced with some high quality Blue Max Urethane tires that were sourced from Band saw Tire Warehouse.  As this saw is very unusual, Gary custom made a set of tires for me.  The price was around $60 shipped. The wheels have a narrow and unusually deep groove so the decision was made to stack two tires of 1/8" thickness as the material was not available in the needed 3/16".  Given this is a low speed saw stacking the tires is not an issue as one would think.  The top tire still sits in part of the wheel groove.

Adjustments to the blade guides were needed to compensate for the blade moving to right due to the larger diameter of the wheel/tire assembly.  Nothing major was needed.  The upper wheel needed some adjustment to get the blade to track without rubbing on the flange of the wheel.  The saw looked like it had been run this way for a considerable amount of time as the flange was very thin, under 1/16"  Here is a short video showing the correct tracking of the blade after the tires were replaces and the wheel was adjusted.


   Select Saw Work Light II

I added a work light while I had everything apart.  Perspective in the left image makes the light look a lot larger than it really is.  The Allen bolt to adjust the blade guide height was replaced by an adjustable lever bolt sourced from Amazon,


Select Saw Switch

I machined a switch plate from 1/8" aluminum plate with Mill Verde, my recently completed CNC conversion of an Enco Bridgeport clone,    I then used the laser and some Brilliance Marking spray to laser the labeling on the plate.


Air Nozzle  Air Solenoid


I added an air nozzle to the machine.  Originally the machine had a nozzle that bolted to the saw guide.  I decided this would be a more elegant way to handle it, plus I have yards of LocLine modular hose.  A solenoid, one of a dozen or so rescued over the years from A/C recycling machines that were junked out, was used.  It is wired to the main switch, so the Lamp, moor and the air all come on together.



Test Cut


First real cut!  I am making some carriage stops for Atlas/South Bend lathes and needed to slit the iron casting.  Easy, nice and neet!