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X axis encoder mounting.  The brackets were made from 2" X 1/8 aluminum angle.  The brackets were slottted for adjustment.

The guard to protect the rack, an additional guard for the encoder itself will be added.


The Y axis installation.  I decided to mimic the original Enco mounting bracket  The light aluminum angle bracket will be replaced with a piece of 1/8 aluminum.


The next step was to locate the rack evenly down the side of the tapered column of the mill.  I fabricated a drilling bracket from the ol' junk box.  Not the clever use of a hammer to hold the bracket in place while drilling.  The head of the hammer is against the table and the Y was cranked in to hold it tight.


Lower mounting hole on left, upper on right after facing off the surface.


Here is how I faced the mounting points.  I dug through all our pen turning tools and found the facing tool for the pen barrels and slid it over a 1/4" bolt, then pressed it into a 12 point socket.  This held it tight enough to drive it with the SnapOn screw gun after I threaded the tool into the mounting bolt hole.  Then I could mount the rack.  Next step, alignment!


Jig number two, the alignment fixture.  A few more pieces of aluminum were cut, drilled and tapped.  The end of the tab is radiused to fit the rack.  I pinned the jig into place with the hammer. Adjusted the jig to fit the rack on the top and then moved it to the bottom end and adjusted.  I wound up adjusting both the top and bottom to get it even.  Took several rounds to get it right.


Here's a shot of the tab against the rack for clarity.


Before and after shots of the lower encoder mounting.  Many of the shots on this page were made without the sleeving to give clarity to the images and concepts of mounting.


The head was mounted using a woodworking fixture clamp to allow for easy adjustment of the viewing angle.


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