Things I build, some can be purchased...


BST Mini Tapper

HP29C Battery Packs


BST Mini Tapper

The Mini Tapper, it uses ER11 collets (not pictured in this view) or a micro pin vise for precision drilling.


Edge Deburring machine

Edge de-burring machine.  It is powered by a 1/4" air die grinder


Tub Tumbler

Heavy duty de-burring and polishing machine, it uses half of a 15 gallon drum.


Rolling bed tile saw

Rolling bed tile saw, uses a salvaged tile saw head.  The bed is very large and it sits on a Home Depot concrete mixing tub.


Custom bicycle disk brake bracket, the building of which was compounded by the fact the bike was in Talkeenta Alaska....




Control Arm Gussets - 14ga 4130 Chrome Moly Steel, mocked up on a completed assembly.


Gusset Mockup

The two halves mocked up for clarity.


This is the die that I made to press the parts.  I was fortunate that the radii of the two surfaces were standard and the ball nosed and radius end mills I had were correct.  I press the parts using a 20ton air over hydraulic press (and lots of Marvel Mystery Oil).

LEFT - Flat blank
MIDDLE - Production part
RIGHT -finished pieces

TOP - Master sample
BOTTOM - test pressed part (1018 mild steel)



Jig to ease the cutting process.  I used a small electric saws-all to cut the parts.  I got about 300 cuts per blade.  All in all, not bad.



Waste removed


Tub O' Parts ready to de-bur the cut edges.



I had to modify these brackets, one radius had to be increased so the part welded in at a slight angle.  300 total, this is about half of the total.



Winglet brackets


Blank ready to bend




Shifter Brackets


Tumbled blanks


Setup to do the left and right cuts.


Parts in progress

Brake Pedals


Nissan Small EGR block off plate.

Nissan Small EGR blockoff plate

I have not knocked it free from the carrier at this time.  The three tabs are .030" thick and subsequent parts will be .010".

Electronics enclosure end plate

Electronics enclosure end plate #2

HP29C Battery Housing