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First purchase was a 9X20 Jet bench lathe.  The lathe I purchased was plagued with problems, mostly due in my opinion to the machine being made on a Friday afternoon.  After innumerable phone calls to the manufacturer and the local sales agent it was returned for a refund.

The next, and still current as of January 2017, lathe is a Clausing 10X36 with Flame Hardened ways and a power cross feed.

Some repair work was needed to put it into shape.  The cross saddle screw and nut were replaced, reducing the 0.060" slop to a more manageable level.  I also had to repair an idler gear mounting in the headstock for the lead screw reversing mechanism.  A clean up, new drive belt, lubrication and some lighting completed the repairs.  Someday I plan to strip and repaint it.  At a later date I converted it to 3 phase.

Here's a shot from one of our Yahoo Valley Metal group meetings.  We did a session on setting up a lathe and met at my house.  I am center drilling a test bar while club founder Marty Escarcega looks on.