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Enco Milling Machine

Beevo got an Enco Vertical milling machine earlier this year.  It replaces the Index 40H purchased a while back.  The Enco is a 9X42 clone of the venerable Bridgeport.  It came complete with 2 axis DRO, power table feed and a digital readout on the spindle.

It didn't come with feet however and this is the subject of the first installment!

I went to Metal Supermarkets in Tempe, AZ and had them cut four 3/4" thick slices from a piece of 5" hot rolled steel.  I then put the pieces in the lathe and beveled the edges.  Then they were mounted in the mill and a 3/4" NC hole was drilled and tapped in the center.

The rest of the parts were 9" pieces of 3/4" NC ready rod and some nuts and washers.

1/4" thick pieces of rubber sheeting were cut to fit the bases and the bases and the rubber were coated with Ford (as in FOMOCO) gasket and trim adhesive, a much better replacement for the 3M Yellow Death Weatherstrip adhesive.

Here's a shot of the assembled feet.

It is important to note that the ready rod is not secured in the base with any sealant like Loc-Tite.  The reason for this is to allow the installation of the feet without having to lift the mill the full 9" off of the floor.  The mil was lifted just high enough to fit the base, one nut and one washer and some extra room for assembly.  The ready rod was dropped through the hole in the mill base, the washer and then threaded first through the nut and then into the base.

Here's a shot of the installed feet...

total cost of the feet was $40, evenly divided between the slices of steel and the hardware.