Anaheim 2004 convention

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Pat Anderson, from Anoka Minnesota


Albin Moore                                                                    Carlos Menchu from AES in Fresno


Beevo and Carlos  Menchu                                          Kansas Wortham


Lars Ihle, the Svedish Kar Guy!!                                    Topper Nurrenbrock and Art Murshel


MB and Bimmer guy, Steve Brotherton                      Jon Ripple Riggle lectures on the patio


Hawaiian shirts seemed to be the dress of the evening, Beevo may have won in the loudness dept.


Scott Brown                                                                    Kansas


Guido sans any kind of hat!                                        Scott and his daughter Sarah


George Witt, sans doughnut, still lecturing!                Carl Rader

2/3 of the Aussie contingent, Jeff Lang and Gil Sher

Matt Ragsdale with a hat adjustment by Doug in the background

Poolside before the dinner

Brad ever on the lookout for close-up shots

Miles just knows we are stalking him....

Carlos Mechu, Danny Iwama and Miles Wada

Someone looks pretty mischievous.......

Terry Stubblefield's dad, William with Kansas Wortham

No need to repeat who these guys are, Brent & Co. finally made the type big enough for us!

Mark "Pyro" Warren with keynote speaker Kathleen Schmatz of AAIA and Tony Molla of ASE

Bernie Deleo with Tom Scott in the right background

John Thornton right,  Steve Caruso

"VoVo Jim" Blachly, Brian Hanson, Gil Sher and William Stubblefield

mIRC regulars....

There were so many it took several images to get 'em all!

Steve and Lin Brotherton

Jim Geres (a Jeep Guy) with matching friend Karen Schroeder

Robert Beckmann and Lars Ihle

Gil Sher, Alice and Albin Moore

Mark Jorgenson from Australia on the left with Grant and Ramona Stanton from Manitoba

Dave Rodrigues, Ian and Dave Lanspeary and Barbara Simonetti

Mark Warren trying to be convincing that being a pyro-maniac is OK.......

Jack Sparks left, Paul Baltusis center

The complete packing job.....

(she never made it to the car)

Jon Riggle, Auto Tech, Instructor, Chef......

Pat Anderson and Beevo slumming at Disney Main Street

Computer controlled fountains, the jets were varied and some were quite powerful

The sound from the blasts was quite impressive.

Why is it at these gatherings you can always find a laptop and a discussion?

Dang!  Brad Petersen must have used my camera.  (Earla & Beevo)

Poolside in the late afternoon from the 11th floor

Hmm, Brad taking a bird image, shouldn't he be closer?

Wes would drool over this, maybe it's being shipped out east?

Secret location of the "Grumpy's Gas & Grease" shirts and hats

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