Anaheim Convention 2002

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This is what happens when you let people look at your camera....


Tom Scott prepares for the afternoon


Mrs. Beevo and Cassie model hats                            Pool side get meetings are the rule



Mac Vandenbrink charges up for the evening's festivities

Poolside group shot

Mac holds court in the lounge

Jon Riggle conducts the live tech night

The audience was very attentive and serious

The presentation contained a few surprises

Jon put forth the theory that Sgt. Schultz and Mark Warren are in fact the same person

Mark handled the audience questions

Phil Fournier retaliates against the photographer

More hat modeling by Danny Iwama, Cassie Beach and Mile Wada

Guido showed up as the Pope

This is not a blurry picture of Tom Winzig, look into his camera lens

Kansas Wortham starts to dismantle the buffet table decorations

I think all he needs is a pirate eye patch

Brad and Dawn Petersen

The crystal cathedral

Beautiful scenery even from down town, the storms cleared the air for quite a distance

Attendees gather at the pool bar prior to the banquet

I stopped at the ocean before heading home


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