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If you are at all interested in Patton's life, I highly recommend the book by Carlo D'Este , Patton: Genius For War  The chapter about the Patton Myth was really fun.


The following 4 images are a 3D map made during the thirties of the area in southern California where Patton and others trained the tank crews that ultimately went to North Africa to fight the Germans.  The pink area is the coastal area from Los Angeles south to Mexico.

The flag is where the museum is located just west of Desert Center, Salton Sea is in the foreground.

Anaheim is the little marker with the blue cube in the left foreground

'43 Willys Jeep and trailer.

A 1/5th scale model of a tank that ultimately was never built and put into service.

A nice scale model of a Peep

The man himself (well a statue), General George Simpson Patton.

There were many tanks in various stages of completion, surprisingly the rubber parts were all in quite good condition.

I would love to drive one of these, looks like a flat four in the back.

My favorite Real truck!

This one is for You Brad!



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