Piexx Serial Interface

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Both of my Kenwood TS940's have had the Piexx RS232 Serial Interface board added to them.  Ham Radio Deluxe makes controlling these radios much more pleasant.  The added bonus is not having to mess with the memory banks in the radio!

TS-940 Interface Board - Click Image to Close
This is what the board looks like, the two pin headers connect to an existing set of pigtails inside the Digital A board housing.


You will need to disconnect the six headers around the front and right sides of the speaker mounting / control panel.  Use care when disconnecting these terminals.  The TS940 is famous for bad connections from broken solder joints on any connectors.


You will need to remove the top cover, the speaker housing with control switches and then the metal cover of the Digital A housing.   The DC/DC board mounted to the cover will need to be removed first.  Shown are the two pigtails for the interface board and the empty IC socket at the top.  Piexx supplies an IC to put into this socket. Note the corroded battery!


The Piexx board is shown mounted and the IC installed.  Make sure the jacketed part of the ribbon cable is in the notch in the housing. Also shown is the new battery that is glued to the top of the IC to the left of the Piexx board.  If this battery has note been replaced, do so now as you have it apart!  Here's how   


Don't wait until the corrosion dribbles down on the circuit board and ruins things!!


Routing of the serial data cable prior to installation of the top cover.


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