40/80 Meter Dipole


With the completion of the Rohn folding tower I needed to get the long wire antenna back up in the air.  I manufactured a bracket to stand off the center support of the antenna from one of the left over pulley mounts that proved to be too light of a gage metal.


The tower is laid over on its side in the work position.  I welded a 8" piece of 1/2" square steel tubing to the bracket and drilled it for an eye bolt then U bolted the bracket to the tower.  McMaster Carr must really love me with the big bag of galvanized 1 1/4" U bolts I bought.  This will stand the balum away from the tower structure.  Nicest part?  I am standing flat footed on the roof while working on this, the balun is at eye level!

With the tower standing back upright the position of the balun and antenna wires can be seen in the operating position.  The connection between the hard mount on the tower lag and the balun is a piece of Times Microwave Ultra Flex LMR400.  I did this to deal with the swaying in the wind of the wires and balun.

Palm tree antenna support

About 6 years ago I paid the palm tree trimmer to install my ratchet strap and pulley up in the tree.  If you ever wondered how fast these stupid things grow, just measure the distance from the strap to the bottom of the crown.  The white 1/4 nylon rope is a loop through the pulley and you can raise or lower the end of the antenna like a flag on a flagpole.  A turn around the trunk and tie it back to itself and you are all set.  The South end of the antenna wire attaches to the palm tree.  I had to extend the setup using a 6 foot piece of the black nylon/Kevlar "antenna cord".  The other leg goes in a Northwest direction. 


Overview of Dipole

View to the north of the installed antenna.


Close-up of the center point of the antenna