TS940 AVR Board

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While tuning up the unit for use and getting the microphone squared away, Bob and I smelled hot electrons.  I pulled the top cover and with a Ray-Tek gun discovered a filter capacitor on the AVR board that was starting to short.  This doesn't surprise me on a 20 year old rig.  I pulled the AVR and DC-DC boards to re-cap them.



Here's the AVR board after the re-cap.  Purple sharpie allowed me to keep track of what was and wasn't done during the replacement.

Diagram courtesy of the Kenwood Repair Manual...

Digi-key Parts List

Part Nuimber Description Componet Number Quan
565-1116-ND CAP 2200UF 50V ELECT SMG RAD C6 1
565-1136-ND CAP 2200UF 63V ELECT SMG RAD C3, C4 2
565-1069-ND CAP 6800UF 25V ELECT SMG RAD C12 1
565-1036-ND CAP 47UF 16V ELECT SMG RAD C9, C10, C11 3
565-1078-ND CAP 10UF 35V ELECT SMG RAD C8 1
565-1110-ND CAP 100UF 50V ELECT SMG RAD C14 1
565-1056-ND CAP 22UF 25V ELECT SMG RAD C13 1
565-1094-ND CAP 5600UF 35V ELECT SMG RAD C12 1
P6946-ND CAPACITOR 22000UF 50V ELECT TSUP C108, C109  (Under AVR bracket) 2

Use this list at your own risk, while it worked for me, it may not for you!