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I have The Sky Pocket Edition on a Dell AXIM X5 and decided to try to drive the Atlas mount with it, partially because the Atlas controller's database does not include the SAO catalog, something I find I want from time to time.  The other reason I wanted to do this is because it could be done (a guy thing, doncha know)!

One thing to be overcome is the AXIM X5 serial data cable is wired in such a way as it will not readily communicate with simple serial communications programs, most notably GPS's and astronomy programs.  This part of the problem is easily overcome with a tiny screwdriver and a soldering iron.

The "lump" in the AXIM cable about 4 inches from the PPC can be popped open by inserting a small screwdriver between the housing and the strain relief as shown in the picture above.

Once opened you will need to carefully unsolder the ground leads at each end of the two metal clamshell shields.  Then carefully remove the tape to expose the circuit board inside. 

In this view you will see the modification in the lower right corner.  You need to bridge the GND and SEL tabs on the board.  Re wrap the board put it back into the metal shields and re solder the ground leads.  Then snap the whole thing back together.  At this point you will need some adapters to make the scope talk to the Pocket PC.

Shown here starting at the Dell PPC end you will need the AXIM serial cable, gender changer (if needed), crossover (or Null Modem) cable, another gender changer (if needed) and finally the data cable supplied with the Atlas GoTo mount.  All in all it's a real clunky mess of lumps and bulges.

This is the end result of the second step in the modification process.  I eliminated the all the adapters by removing the part of the AXIM cable between the "lump" and the DB9 connector and replacing it with a 15' piece of data cable terminated in a RJ11-6 modular connector.

The process is as follows.....

Please read my disclaimer before you start and be aware that this worked for me and might not work for you if you are not careful or have different components than I did.

Use this image as a guide for perspective.  Pin one in my nomenclature is at the left edge and pin 6 is at the right when you look into the back of the connector with the locking tab at the bottom.

The pin numbers from the RJ Modular connector are connected to the Dell Interface board as shown above.