Anti-Vibration Pads

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3/16" slices of 5" aluminum round stock cut on the horizontal  band saw.  Six total were cut and one face of each was median blasted to make the silicone sealant adhere.

One of the plat pairs was tapped 3/8" and short allen screws were threaded in so they projected out 3/16"  The face with the screw projecting was covered in silicone sealant.

The plates were sandwiched so the screws rode aganst the second plate and lightly clamped.  Excess sealant was removed from the edge.


The screws were backed out so they did not project into the silicone when it was partially cured.  Acorn nuts were threaded onto the setscrews and tightened.  The acorn nuts are the "feet" of the pads.


A disk of heavy rubber was glued to the top as an anti skid pad for the tripod foot.  Adhesive and sealant clean up has not occurred yet in this image.