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October 20th & 21st 2006

My original plans were to head over to Borrego Springs for the annual RTMC NiteFall event.  Various things contributed to a change in plans and I headed down to Farnsworth Ranch for the EVAC fall star party, the AASP.  This is held on some land on a cotton farm south and west of AZ City..

Ray Farnsworth and his son, check to see how we are doing on Saturday night just around dusk.  This guy enthusiastically provides us a place twice a year for the AASP and the AZMM.  He even calls the INS to let them know we are there so we won't get bombarded by blacked out helicopters flying with infra red vision!

Shots of some of the early arrivals.


Maj (aka Mary Alice), formerly from a south Chicago suburb arrived with a 10" and some vanity plates that said URSA MAJ (a tribute to the constellation and her knick name).  She is pictured just left of center.  The folks next to her were there with a nice Celestron SCT on a GOTO GEM that they had recently won as a door prize!

Beevo and Earla's setup ready for the evening.

Ready to go for the evening!

Late in the evening Friday night (or was that early Saturday morning?) I hung the Canon 10D on the short tube 80 auxiliary scope and shot some deep sky images.

5 minute unguided exposure of M31

The Pleides, nebulosity showing at 5 minutes!

M42 at 5 minutes, the sky glow of Tucson really muddied the background.

During the late afternoon Saturday, Earla and I did a walkabout and found some burrowing owl holes. 

We startled one owl and he flew away, but was too quick for me to get an image of him.

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