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Beevo managed to snag a Canon Rebel XSi body for the telescope.  Got my name on the list at Tempe Camera Repair and Richard called the other day to say I had one waiting...

It's SMALL compared to my D30 and 10D bodies with the grip.  Light also, a plus with the telescope.  The main reason I purchased was to get the Live View feature for focusing, the 12MP image sensor was secondary.

First light images (reductions from full size)...

Both of these are 2 min exposures with no post processing.  Meade ED80 APO Triplet at Prime Focus (480mm)

The good news is the camera does what I expected it would.  The bad news is the battery life just positively SUCKS!!

I will post the results of my next step, namely make sure it is not something I am doing (setting, etc) or whether it is an issue with the battery/camera.  I plan on purchasing a DC power adapter as I know it will be required.  I only got about 5-10 60-120 second exposures before the battery called it quits.  Ambient temps were 52-55F, so cold weather should not have been a factor.  I had the display set to it's dimmest setting.


Not sure how normal the battery life I am experiencing is, but I purchased the ACK-E5 Canon Battery Eliminator to power the camera.  I really hate to step 12VDC up to 110VAC and then back down to DC to run the camera, but it looks like my only solution.  Good news is the Inverter and camera (Locked up and display running) only draws 500mA.  The inverter turned off (circuitry idling) is only 230mA.


The issue with the battrery life and the super long time it took to write images was all in the memory card.  Splurged and got a really fast one and the problem went away.