New Mexico star party at the City Of Rocks State Park

April 8th & 9th 2005

I finally took a vacation!  Pat Anderson a fellow auto technician and shop owner from Anoka Minnesota and I loaded up the ETX 125 and the big assed bino's along with the camper and enough food to keep us a week or so and headed down to the Chiricahua National Monument south of Benson AZ.  

We then headed out to the City Of Rocks State Park north of Deming New Mexico for the Southern New Mexico star party put on by the National Public Observatory.  The night started out looking pretty dismal, especially when it was pretty much clouded over most of the afternoon with just enough open skies to observe the partial solar eclipse. Surprisingly the clouds parted before 9pm and the skies got pretty decent.  We observed with our scope and looked through other's until about 2am when both Pat and I crashed.  

From there we headed north to the white mountain area and over to Meteor Crater and then holed up in Munds Park AZ for the night.  It snowed lightly on our drive over there.  We then took the circular route through Kingman and Havasu to get to Whispering Ranch where we camped and observed for the night.


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