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Blue Mountain Observatory

Dewey, AZ

May 12th 2005

A bunch of heat stroked amateurs from the Valley of The Sun and some locals from "Up Nawth" got together at Stan Gorodowski's place in Dewey AZ for a Pot Luck BBQ and star party.  Leaving the valley Earla and I were treated to a lot of cloud cover to the north and west.  Clear sky clocks predicted clear skies and good seeing and transparency through Sunday mid day, so we were sure they lied to us.  The BBQ Potluck was a good time for people to sit and yak, compare notes on previous outings and of course eat!  Beevo mastered the grilling of the burgers and dog and no one died.....

Here's a shot from the catwalk of Stan's observatory looking out towards his house and the food tables.

Stan got a new scope, a 16" Meade LX200R.  Man what a huge scope!!  The views were huge also.  If you ever get next to one of these babies, do put a 35-40mm wide field eyepiece with a Lumicon UHC filter in the diagonal.  I highly recommend you don't look at Jupiter....

Here's the Red Brick and Astronomy Control Center (ACC) set up in Stan's yard.  The skies cleared around dusk and got lot's better as the night progressed.  By midnight the views were excellent. 

I shot some images while I was there.  Here is the best of the bunch, the Trifid Nebula

Deep Impact Star Party,

Blue Mountain Observatory

Dewey, AZ

July 3rd & 4th 2005

We gathered at Stan Gorodowski's place in Dewey AZ for a BBQ and star party to observe the Comet Impact.  Many of us were successful in detecting an increase in brightness at the given time.  Mel Bartel's Scope Drive converted LX50-SD put the comet square in the middle of the FOV using the 22mm PanOptic.

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