Heathkit Amateur Gear

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I have a warm spot in my heart for HeathKit devices.  I have recently acquired a few and will document their journey in life.


The "Twins"


At one of the Superstition Amateur Radio Club meetings I was the winner of the transmitter on the right in the annual Junque Auction.  It's a Heath Kit/Daystrom HX-10 Marauder  AM/SSB transmitter, circa 1960.  The condition of the radio is incredible, the copper plating inside the cabinet looks like a shiny new penny!! I have not powered it up because it has two original paper caps in the HV power supply and one has electrical tape around it telling me "replace, replace or else..."

The unit on the left was found at the Radio Society of Tucson's first ever Hamfest in March 2009.  It is a RX-1 Mohawk.  It looks almost as clean as the Marauder and works.

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