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Here's where I am putting all the stupid little things that make life easier!

And to start it off I want to mention two very clever gizmos that I recently acquired.

It's called the Uranoport.

It's a 1.5X Barlow that thread into the end of a 1.25" eyepiece.  I plan to use it with my 12mm Meade illuminated reticule eyepiece to give me a 8mm fl option.  Cost was $49 US.

I found this little guy at Starizona Astronomy shop in Tucson, AZ

This is the Lumicon 1.25" filter adapter.  They also make a 2" version.

You put a filter in the end of it and then can switch eyepieces all you want without having to move the filter from one eyepiece to another.

However, I have found another great use for it.  Take two polarizer filters and put on in the adapter and the other in the eyepiece.  you can then turn the eyepiece only and change the amount of density.
Here's proof I have the guts to take the telescope apart....

(Click to enlarge)

Some really nice handles can be had from Ikea.  They are satin finish all metal, (steel I believe) and look like Stainless Steel.  Look closely and see if you can see where I filled holes left from another handle.  The secret is at your Krylon Dealer!  The Krylon Semi Flat Black is darned near a dead match for the finish on the Meade forks and base.  To fill holes in the casting, put tape on the back side and fill the hole with epoxy or JB Weld.  Let dry and then paint with some Semi Flat that has been sprayed into an old paint can cap.  Let the paint evaporate just a little to thicken and brush on with a model brush.
Here's some good resources:

Everything you could possibly want to know about Olympus OM cameras

Everything you could possibly want to know about Pentax K cameras

Meade Blue Paint Recipe - ACE Hardware Store Enamel

This was very carefully created and tested under many lighting conditions.  If your ACE hardware person does a good job of measuring it should be a dead on match, even in bright sunlight.

The formula makes 1 quart, use 225A340 Base

Color Oz. Shots 1/2 Shots
B 1 1
E 1 40
KX 1
R 5

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