Boyer/Schultz Surface Grinder

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I have to welcome the latest addition to Beevo's Machine shop, a Boyer/Schultz 6X12 surface grinder.

The surface grinder was acquired from another member of the Yahoo Valley Metal group in the Phoenix area.  Above is a shot of it after I got it unloaded from the Safari Van in which I hauled it home.  I split the machine up into smaller parts and used a chop crane to load the top section into the back of the van.  After lifting the cabinet into the side door of the van Doug, the fellow I bought it from, commented that we should have used the crane on it also.  Seems the top 2" of the cabinet is an iron casting and there is a welded steel frame inside the sheet metal, very deceiving!

A gallon of paint thinner in my Zep sprayer and a bunch of shop towels later it looks pretty respectable.

I plan to use it mostly for sharpening endmills and making lathe tooling.