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Tripod Construction

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I have decided to build my self the "Mother of All Tripods"  It will just about be completely made of Aluminum, heavier in size and load bearing than the Meade Adjustable Field tripod I am currently using.  I will post the progress as I go, don't expect it to be completed real soon. 

The real reason this project was pursued was two fold, first I needed another tripod and second I was tired of having to be careful when tightening the extension legs on the Mead tripod so I didn't bend the sheet metal tubes.  The Atlas tripod was inadequate for the loads I was going to place on the tripod, so somethign beefy was desired.  The leg tubing had to be something other than sheetmetal.  I went with .250" wall aluminum tubing for both the inner an outer legs.

Here's alook at the scale of the project, the leg is about 3/4 of the way extended.



Leg Construction

Top Cap Construction

Extension Leg Construction

Spreader Construction  

Anti Vibration Pads   4/11/2011


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