Enco Vertical Milling Machine

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I found a nice deal on a used Enco clone of the Bridgeport Vertical mill.  The one I have has 2 axis DRO, X table feed and looks considerably newer than it's 4 years of age.


Left picture is the mill about 2 years ago, the right two are from March 2011 and I have changed the shop vac setup a bit.  I added a chip separator and made  shelf for the vacuum, it originally was mounted on the top of the ram.

Here is the updated air hose, air fitting and shop vacuum outlets on the front of the knee.  Right above you can see the Y axis encoder for the newly installed Shooting Star DRO.  Details of the installation are on this page.



Here are the two stop brackets, the bracket nearest the knee crank required a bushing because of the interference on the knee casting.  I really didn't feel like a crazy looking bracket.

Here is a shot of the switch install.  I removed the gib plate of the table and drilled and tapped for a direct mounting.  I discovered during testing that the buttons are direcitonally set up and I will have to reverse the wiring to get the table to stop moving when the switch is perssed.

If you own an Enco machine that is this color and want some paint to exactly match it prepare to be amazed.  Jody at Lenhart's ACE Hardware in Mesa took the time to get a spot on match to the OEM paint on the machine.  Here is a shot of the label:

Enco Blue Green Paint Formula